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Anniversary Poems

All-Purpose Anniversary Poems, an Anniversary Toast and an Anniversary Prayer

Anniversary Love Poems, including an Anniversary Love Prayer

50th Wedding Anniversary Poems, including 50th Wedding Anniversary Poems for Parents and a 50th Anniversary Prayer

Baby Poems

All-Purpose Baby Poems, Baby Boy Poems, Baby Girl Poems, Baby Shower Invitation Poem, Baby Gift Thank You Poems, a Poem to Accompany a Baby Shower Gift, a Baby Announcement Poem For A Boy and a Prayer for a Newborn Baby

Birthday Poems

All-Purpose Birthday Poems, including Friend, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Granddaughter Birthday poems, a Baby's First Birthday Poem, a 50th Birthday Poem, and a Birthday Prayer

Birthday Love Poems, including a Birthday Love Prayer

Dad Birthday Poems, including a Birthday Prayer for Dad

Funny Birthday Poems, including a Funny Over-the-Hill 40th Birthday Poem and a Funny Birthday Prayer

Mother Birthday Poems, including a Birthday Prayer for Mom

Christian Poems

All-Purpose Christian Poems. Note: There is also a Sunday School teacher appreciation poem here

Christian Christmas Poems and Prayers

Christian Easter Poems and Easter Songs

Christian Valentine Poems

(You'll find a Christian Christmas poem, a Christian New Year's Poem and Prayer, a Christian Mother Poem and a Christian Father Poem on the Christmas, Christian Christmas, New Year's, Mother and Father pages)

Christmas Poems

All-Purpose Christmas Poems, a Christian Christmas Poem, Family Christmas Poems, Christmas Poems for Friends, Christmas Love Poems, a Teacher Christmas Poem, a Christmas Tree Poem, Christmas and New Year Greetings, Funny Christmas Poems (including a Funny Christmas Poem for a child), Short Christmas Poems, a Holiday Poem and a Soldier Christmas Poem

Christian Christmas Poems and Prayers

Also see our Holiday Poems page for all-Purpose, general greeting card poems suitable for most of the end-of-year holidays.

Father Poems

All-Purpose Father Poems, Son to Father Poems, Daughter to Father Poems, Two Grandfather/Grandpa Poems, a Stepfather/Step Dad poem, a Father-In-Law Poem, a Husband Father's Day Poem, a First Father's Day Poem, a Father's Day Song, a Father Daughter Dance Song, a Christian Father's Day Poem and a Father's Day Prayer

Favorite Poems

These are poems, not written by me, that I've collected over the years, my favorites.

Friendship Poems

All-Purpose Friendship Poems, including a Prayer for a Friend

Funny Poems

All-Purpose Funny Poems

There are more funny poems on these pages:

Funny Birthday

Funny Valentine

Get Well



Get Well Poems

All-Purpose, Funny and Workplace Get Well Poems, and a Get Well Prayer

Graduation Poems

All-Purpose graduation greeting card poems. Preschool/Kindergarten, Elementary, High School and College Graduation Poems. A Graduation Friendship Poem. A Graduation Invitation Poem, and a Graduation Thank You Poem. Three Graduation Songs and a Graduation Prayer

Holiday Poems

All-purpose, General Holiday Greeting Card Poems suitable for most of the end-of-year holidays, a Child Holiday Poem and a Holiday Prayer

Inspirational Words

Inspirational words are used here to create Words, Thoughts and Messages about Life. Also Inspirational Sayings and Ideas. Inspirational Bible Quotes, God Quotes, Christian Quotes and Educational Quotes. Inspirational Affirmations.

Life Poems

Free verse poems about life can entertain you, motivate you, calm you, encourage you, soothe you and lift you up. Life's ups and downs in a poem. Enjoy!

Love Poems

Anniversary Love Poems

Birthday Love Poems

Romantic Love Poems, Teen Love Poems, Relationship and Marriage Poems, and a Love Prayer

Sad Love Poems, including a Prayer for Love

Short Love Poems, including a Prayer of Thanks for Love

Valentine Love Poems, including Husband and Wife Valentine Poems and a Valentine Prayer

Mother Poems

Enjoy lots of mother poems full of loving gratitude. These poems for mom say what you've always wanted to tell her. See short mother poems, mother daughter poems, more.

See Page 2 of our Mother Poems, for Mothers Day! Lots of Mothers Day poems, packed with feeling, to make her day unforgettable. See Mothers Day Poems for Kids, Short Mothers Day Poems, A Mothers Day Poem From Son, Mothers Day Poems For Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Wife. A Mothers Day Song, Three Christian Mothers Day Poems.

New Year's Poems

All-Purpose New Year's Poems, New Year's Resolution Poems, New Year's Toasts, a New Year Song, a New Year Love Poem, a New Year's Party Invitation Poem, a Christian New Year Poem and a New Year Prayer

Patriotic Poems

Patriotic poems, Veterans' Day Poem, a Soldier's Prayer, Patriotic Songs, Memorial Day poems, Military and Armed Forces Day Poems, Flag Day Poems, a Fourth of July Poem, War Poems, and an I Miss You Poem

More patriotic poetry: Click here for page 2 of our patriotic poem collection.

Veterans Day Poems and Veterans Day Prayers

A Prayer for America

Sympathy Poems

Sympathy Poems, including Funeral, Memorial, Bereavement and Condolence Poems, a Poem for a Deceased Mother, a Deceased Father Poem, a Pet Sympathy Poem and a Sympathy Prayer

Teacher Poems

All-Purpose, Preschool/Kindergarten, Elementary, High School and College Teacher Poems, a Poem from Teacher to Student, a Teacher Retirement Poem, and a Teacher Prayer Note: There is a Sunday School teacher appreciation poem on the Christian poems page

Thanksgiving Poems

All-Purpose Thanksgiving Poems, Funny Thanksgiving Poems, Thanksgiving poems for a Child and a Thanksgiving Dinner Poem, Song and Prayer

Thanksgiving Prayers

Thanksgiving Prayers for Thanksgiving Grace at the Dinner Table. Religious and Inspirational Thanksgiving poems for Plays, Programs, Church Bulletins

Thank You Poems

All-Purpose Thank You Poems, Appreciation Poems, Thank You for the Gift Poems, a Thank You Poem for Parents, a Pastor Thank You Poem and a Thank You Prayer

Valentine Poems

All-Purpose Valentine Poems, and One Each of Our Other Six Valentine Categories: Christian, Family, Friend, Funny, Kid, and Valentine Love Poems

Christian Valentine Poems, including Christian Valentine Love Poems

Family Valentine Poems: Husband, Wife, Mom, Dad, Parents, Daughter, Son, Brother, Sister, Family, Grandma, Grandparents, and a Valentine prayer.

Friend Valentine Poems, including a Friend Valentine Prayer

Funny Valentine Poems, including the Famous Poem, Since My Valentine Got A Computer, written by Joanna Fuchs

Kid Valentine Poems for Family Members and Friends, including a Valentine Prayer for Children

Valentine Love Poems, Including Husband and Wife Valentine Poems and a Valentine prayer

Wedding Poems

All-Purpose Wedding Poems for Greeting Cards, a Wedding Invitation Poem, a Wedding Poem that could be used on a Program, a Favor, or a Thank You, Sample Wedding Vows, Wedding Toasts, a Father Daughter Dance Song, a Sample Wedding Vows Renewal Poem, a Marriage Blessing and a Wedding Prayer that could be used as a Wedding Blessing

More Poems

Miscellaneous Rhyming Poems: an I Miss You Poem, a Spring Poem, Two Summer Poems, Three Fall Poems, Two Winter Poems, a Wife Poem, a Grandparents' Day Poem, a Sister Poem, a Son Poem, a Daughter Poem, a Retirement Poem, Two Inspirational or Life Poems, a Sorry or Forgiveness or Apology Poem, a Thinking of You poem and A Good Prayer


The poems of Joanna Fuchs—touching, inspiring, funny—are used worldwide in greeting cards, read aloud at events and printed in newsletters, invitations, and programs. Smile, laugh and cry while reading Sentimental Journey, a book with 1,000+ poems from Joanna’s popular Web site,

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