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Happy New Year Wish

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish
The past year’s memories,
And live your life each new day,
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when it’s done, I wish you
Happy New Year, and many more.

By Joanna Fuchs

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New Years Poems for cards are popular. Here’s a Happy New Year card poem that can be sent to just about anyone.

Sun setting behind clouds. New Years poem Happy, Happy New Year.

This New Years rhyme (from the image above) is New Year poetry to touch the heart.

Brighter, Better New Year

Happy, happy New Year!
We wish you all the best,
Great work to reach your fondest goals,
And when you're done, sweet rest.

We hope for your fulfillment,
Contentment, peace and more,
A brighter, better new year than
You've ever had before.

By Joanna Fuchs

This free verse New Years poem was written as a New Year card poem.

In The New Year

In the New Year,
we wish you the best year you’ve ever had,
and that each New Year
will be better than the last.
May you realize your fondest dreams
and take time to recognize and enjoy
each and every blessing.

Happy New Year,
And many more!

By Joanna Fuchs

New Years card poems should carry a positive message. This New Year poem is a happy poem for the new year. 

New Year’s Reflections

Looking back on the months gone by,
 As a new year starts and an old one ends,
 We contemplate what brought us joy,
 And we think of our loved ones and our friends.

Recalling all the happy times,
 Remembering how they enriched our lives,
 We reflect upon who really counts,
 As the fresh and bright new year arrives.

And when I/we ponder those who do,
 I/we immediately think of you.

Thanks for being one of the reasons I'll/We'll have a Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

This funny New Years poem addresses how time seems to fly. A funny New Year poem can show how we can choose to perceive that time rush in a positive way. 

Tick Tock

I’m writing this in a state of shock,
Watching the clock—tick tock, tick tock,
Advancing, approaching, relentlessly,
A brand new year; Oh, can it be?

The calendar says the same thing, too;
Time races, vanishes for me; Boo hoo!
No, wait! If time flies, I’m having fun!
A year of fun! It’s gone! It’s done!

I now embrace the blur of time,
Because it simply means that I’m
Too busy with pleasure, joy, delight
To mourn the passing days’ swift flight.

So I’m wishing you fast, happy days,
Pleasuring you in myriad ways,
Filled with happiness and cheer,
Oh Happy, Happy Bright New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

Looking for New Year sentiments for your card? This free verse New Years poetry talks about priorities for the coming year, as many New Years poems do. 

People Like You

A brand new year!
A clean slate on which to write
our hopes and dreams.
This year:

Less time and energy on things;
More time and energy on people.
All of life’s best rewards,
deepest and finest feelings,
greatest satisfactions,
come from people--
people like you.

Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

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Here’s another New Years poem. It's a New Years rhyme that would fit nicely on a greeting card. It's a New Year sentiment designed to make the recipient feel valued. 

Pieces of Time

New years come and new years go,
 Pieces of time all in a row.
 As we live our life, each second and minute,
 We know we’re privileged to have you in it.
 Our appreciation never ends
 For our greatest blessings: our family and friends.

Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

New Years poems are often future oriented, looking for good things in the new year, as this free verse New Year sentiment does. 

Looking Forward

May this new year find you
healthier and happier,
peaceful, content, satisfied,
looking forward
to fresh, revitalizing interests,
a variety of pleasures,
interesting new people,
material and personal successes
to make this new year
the best one yet.
Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

New Year poetry can inspire. This New Year poem in free verse advises us to focus on what's positive in our lives. 

Look For The Good

In the New Year, let's resolve
 to get less stressed, upset, anxious
 about things over which we have no control.
 Lets have a narrower focus on our lives,
 loving and helping our family and friends,
 making our community a better place to live,
 to create peace and contentment.

In the New Year, let's resolve
 to pay less attention to depressing stories
 on TV, in magazines and newspapers,
 and to stop focusing on what we want
 that we haven't got,
 instead of appreciating
 the many blessings we do have.

In the New Year, let's look for the good.
 We may have to search
 through a mass of negative media,
 but the good is there,
 all around us.

I wish for you a New Year filled with good,
 engulfed in serenity and happiness!

By Joanna Fuchs

New Years poetry often contains new year rhymes, like this Happy New Year poem.

Teal background, white type for New Years poem Happy New Year to you, May every great new day, bring you sweet surprises, a happiness buffet.

This New Year poetry (from the image above) is perfect as a New Years card poem.

Happiness Buffet

Happy New Year to you!
May every great new day
Bring you sweet surprises--
A happiness buffet.

Happy New Year to you,
And when the new year's done,
May the next year be even better,
Full of pleasure, joy and fun.

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's a New Years poem for sending to people who are important to you.

New Years Blast

Another year is gone; it's finally past.
It sometimes seemed a grind, sometimes a blast.
Looking forward to a brand new year,
My source of joy and fun is very clear.

In all the happy times I can recall
People create pleasure most of all.
As I ponder the new year, each hour and minute,
I'm very glad my life still has you in it.

My appreciation for you is sincere,
So I wish for you a happy, bright new year.

By Joanna Fuchs

More New Years Poems

New Years poetry should be motivating. This New Year’s poem in free verse sees the new year as an empty vessel waiting to be filled with good things.

Another Chance

A bright, shiny new year,
empty, neat, pristine,
waiting, ready
for us to get it right.
Another chance
to love and forgive.
Another chance
to make a real effort
to give more than we get.
Another chance
to make a difference.
A good new year.
A Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

Among my fondest new years sentiments would be this new year poem, to start completely fresh, moving only forward. Don't look back; you're not going that way.

Let Go 

Let go!
Let go of 365 days now past
never to be relived
except in our minds.
Some good times, some bad,
some boring...let go!

Let’s empty our brains
of the worn antique
that was the old year,
diving fearlessly
into the new year,
clean, fresh,
full of endless possibilities.

Let go, to make room for it all.
Happy New Year!

 By Joanna Fuchs

Here's New Year poetry that combines the good in the past to make the present better.

Time Flies

Another New Year.
Another 365 days flown by,
joy, laughter, struggle, tears.
It’s all good because
living all that time made us
who we are today:
Older, smarter,
more capable of handling the New Year.

All those experiences are assets
we hold in reserve,
so we know what to do,
whatever comes.
Experience is priceless.
Fly, time. Fly!

By Joanna Fuchs

Having a New Year party?
A nice party favor is a champagne or other beverage glass
filled with wrapped chocolates and a New Year poem.

Here’s a short New Year poem that focuses on positive possibilities.

New Year Blessings

Here comes a brand new year,
Lots of new things to explore,
A clean, blank slate to write on,
Fun happenings galore.

To you we wish the best of things,
All the blessings a new year brings.

By Joanna Fuchs

New year poem "New Year Blessings" on pastel abstract background.

New Years Resolution Poems

New Years poems are often New Years resolution poems, like the following funny New Year poem. It could also be a New Year card poem. 

New Year’s Reality Check

Another year, another chance
 To start our lives anew;
 This time we’ll leap old barriers
 To have a real breakthrough.

We’ll take one little step
 And then we’ll take one more,
 Our unlimited potential
 We’ll totally explore.

We’ll show off all our talents
 Everyone will be inspired;
 (Whew! While I’m writing this,
 I’m getting very tired.)

We’ll give up all bad habits;
 We’ll read and learn a lot,
 All our goals will be accomplished,
 Sigh...or maybe not.

Oh well, Happy New Year anyway!

By Joanna Fuchs

A New Year resolution poem should include a plan to produce success and happiness.

Brand New Plans

I'll sweep it out, that dusty room.
Wipe the old slate clean.
Start anew with a fresh blank page;
Make everything pristine.

I'll fill my life with brand new plans
To get where I want to go.
So as each week and month go by,
My New Year joy will grow.

By Joanna Fuchs

Funny New Years poems can talk about the futility of setting goals for the new year. This New Year resolution poem doesn't take itself seriously. 

New Year’s Resolutions

Each year I resolve with the strongest intent
 To be better this year than the last.
 And I work very hard; the rules hardly get bent,
 But this discipline gets old so fast!

But with this new year I just know I’ll win out,
 Just watch how I do and you’ll see!
 I’m not going to have yet another blowout;
 I’ll be good as I know I can be.

But, if wicked things beckon, and I’m not so strong,
 If I weaken and fall on my ast,
 I’ll be thankful again that you’ll help me along
 As you have during all new years past.

I’m so grateful that you’re my (title)! Happy New Year!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

It's not exactly a New Years resolution poem, but this rhyming New Years poem implies a wish to do better in the new year.

Welcome the New Year 

Welcome the new year;
Fresh beginnings it brings.
Now is our chance
To improve lots of things. 

If we do better,
As the year comes and goes,
A few years from now,
We’ll get rid of our woes. 

We could end up happy,
Healthy and wise,
And our good fortune
Could reach to the skies. 

By Joanna and Karl Fuchs

New Years poems can be about a variety of subjects. The following two New Year poems are related to New Year's Eve parties. You can break up New Years poems, if you like, and just use the parts that work for you. Choose the stanzas from this New Years poem that relate to your New Year’s Eve party and leave the others out. 

New Year’s Eve Party Invitation

The New Year’s rolling in;
 We’re planning quite a bash.
 We need to have you here.
 So it will be a smash!

We really want to see you;
 We hope that you can make it.
 So help us make our party fun,
 Or we might have to fake it!

Just bring your awesome self (or "selves")
 And what you want to drink.
 And we’ll provide the other stuff,
 Including the kitchen sink!

When you let us know you’ll come,
 We’ll smile and shout "Whoopee!"
 So sit right down and phone us
 With your kind R.S.V.P!

By Joanna Fuchs

Funny New Years poems can be about a variety of subjects, but New Year's Eve parties are often the subject of New Year poems. This New Years Eve poem describes a fantasy New Years Eve party. 

The New Year’s Eve Party

The new year is coming; the party is near.
 I’m sure looking forward to lots of good cheer.
 I’ll be all dressed up in my snazziest best,
 So I won’t disappear in the crowd like the rest.

I rap on the door and it opens to screams;
 There are several guys hanging from high ceiling beams.
 The guy in the lampshade looks ready to go,
 As the girl on his shoulders shouts, "Giddyup Joe!"

I walk right on in to be one of the throng,
 And they yell out my name while they bang a brass gong.
 We laugh and we frolic, we dance and we sing,
 (Is that my grandmother out there on the swing?)

This party is great, and the New Year looks bright.
 Well, that’s how I dreamed it, while sleeping last night.
 I’m thinking about you and wish you were here,
 So I’m sending this poem to say Happy New Year!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

New Year Love Poem

New Years poems include New Year love poems. Those are in short supply, and there are a lot of searches for them, so I wrote this free verse New Years love poem to meet that demand. 

A New Year With You

I'm so grateful for a new year
 to spend with you,
 my most special one,
 my cherished and treasured love,
 who has gifted me with happiness and joy,
 adventure and excitement,
 comfort and peace.
 As I look ahead, I see each day with you
 filled with warmth and affection,
 a deeper, more fulfilling love,
 than I could have imagined
 in my fondest, most perfect dreams.
 A new year with you
 is the most valuable, most precious treasure
 I could ever have.

Happy New Year Sweetheart!

By Joanna Fuchs

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New Year Song

New Year's poems can be set to music! In my opinion, New Year’s songs should be upbeat, positive and happy, like this Happy New Year rhyme. New Years songs should be sung to familiar melodies. The well-known melody of part of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, commonly known as "Ode To Joy," is used for this New Year's song. If you are not familiar with this melody, or if you need harmony parts and accompaniment, the melody has also been used for a popular hymn, called "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee." You can find it in most Protestant hymn books. The melody for this New Years song is the in the public domain, and in my hymn book, there is no copyright notice on the harmony parts and accompaniment, although it is always your responsibility to check that out. 

Happy New Year Song

Happy New Year, Happy New Year,
 Family, friends and colleagues, too.
 May this new year be your best yet,
 Happiness the whole year through.

Let’s all join to lift our glasses
 In a toast to everyone.
 To the old year now behind us,
 To the new year, just begun.

(Repeat first verse)

By Joanna Fuchs

New Years Toasts

This New Years poetry, in free verse, is designed for New Year's toasts. Choose the lines you like from each New Year poem to make your special New Year toast. 

This New Years poem, a New Year toast, sees the coming twelve months as a gift, and it's a wonderful New Year sentiment that will strengthen and uplift those who hear it. 

The Gift of a New Year

Here’s to the year
 that’s almost past its expiration date—(say old year, such as "2019").
 We all had some surprises, didn’t we?
 Some good, some distressing.
 Let’s use everything we got from our experiences,
 everything we learned,
 to enrich the new year.

Here’s to the new year, (say new year, such as "2020),
 a gift we haven’t opened yet.
 May its bright, shiny package
 contain even more than we hope for.

And even while we’re delighting in new treasures,
 let’s appreciate fully what we already have—
the blessings we take for granted.
 Make a list, and check it twice.

And here’s to all you wonderful people
 (wave glass around to encompass the whole group
 who are putting up with my toast;
 I hope in the new year
 you see yourselves the way I see you:
 intelligent, interesting, and likable.

(Raise glass) To (say new year, such as "2020"):
 May it give a whole new meaning
 to the phrase, "the good life."

By Joanna Fuchs

New Years poetry should focus on the positive, as this New Years toast does. An upbeat New Years poem like this one is always welcome. Implementing this New Year sentiment would improve anyone's new year. 

Fulfillment in the New Year

Here’s to the outgoing year, (say old year, such as "2019"):
 May the good times live on in our memories,
 and may we learn lessons from the troubling times
 that will make us stronger and better than ever.

Here’s to (say new year, such as "2020"):
 For each and every one of you,
 may it be filled with significant steps
 toward the fulfillment of your fondest wishes.

In this coming new year,
 let us focus on our goals and work toward our dreams,
 and yet (smile)
 let’s all try to go with the flow a little more
 and stress a little less.

And most important,
 (wave glass around to encompass the whole group)
 here’s to all of you.
 Appreciate yourselves and each other in the new year
 as I appreciate all of you now.
 Let’s focus on each other’s good points
 and choose to overlook minor annoyances
 to create mutual happiness and contentment in (say new year, such as "2020").

Here’s to 2020 (or whatever year the new year is) (raise glass): Enjoy the journey!

By Joanna Fuchs

New Year toasts can be in the form of New Years poetry. They can rhyme or they can be in free verse, like this New Years poem, which is an all-purpose New Years Toast for your New Years Eve party. 

New Year’s Toast

Here’s to the new year...
 May it bring more joy and success
 And less grief and regret.

To our dreams...
 May we never stop believing in them
 And taking the actions that will make them a reality.

To our friends, loved ones, associates (or colleagues)...
 May we take the time to let them know
 How much it means to us
 To have them in our lives.

Let us encourage more and criticize less,
 Give more and need less.
 And whenever we can,
 Let us create harmony and peace.

To new beginnings...
 Let us start fresh, right now,
 To make this the very best year ever.

A very Happy New Year to all of us!

By Joanna Fuchs

Christian New Years Poem

For the many people who are typing into their search box Christian New Years poems or religious New Years poems, here is a New Year poem that may fill those requests. 

Christian New Year’s Resolutions

How can I use the New Year
 To better serve my Lord?
 I’ll read my Bible every day,
 And be more in accord.

I’ll find new ways to serve others;
 I’ll love my neighbor, too.
 I’ll focus on "give" instead of "get"
 In everything I do.

I’ll forgive the people I’m mad at;
 Angry feelings I’ll discard;
 I’ll try to love my enemies,
 Even though it’s hard.

In the new year, I’ll lift people up,
 Instead of putting them down.
 I’ll fill my heart with love and joy,
 And never wear a frown.

I’ll let go of my worries;
 I’ll put it all in His hands;
 I’ll repent and try to sin less,
 And obey all His commands.

These new year’s resolutions
 Are difficult, at best,
 But there’s something I can do each day
 That will put my soul at rest:

I’ll love my Lord with all my heart,
 With all my mind and soul,
 And if I do that essential thing,
 All the rest will be in control.

By Joanna Fuchs

Curious about the Christian religion? What is Christianity?
What is a Christian? What is Christian faith?
To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian,
check out this Web site.*

New Year Prayer

New Years poems can be religious. New Year prayer is one of the top New Year poems search terms, so this New Year's poem in free verse is a New Years prayer. 

New Years Prayer

Dear Lord,
 In the new year, we pray
 that You will guide us each new day
 in paths that are pleasing to You.
 Lord, the new year gives us another chance
 to rededicate our lives to You,
 to study Your Word
 so that we know right from wrong
 and to act in accordance with Your commands.
 Thank You for the sense of
 direction, purpose and peace we get
 from aligning our lives with Your Holy will.
 We pray for the strength and the will to obey You
 each and every day of the new year,
 and when we fail, we pray for Your mercy,
 Your compassion, Your grace and Your love.
 Help us in the new year to be Your faithful servants.
 In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

By Joanna Fuchs

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