Patriotic Poetry

Inspiring, motivating patriotic poetry about the loss of constitutional rights  and what we can do about it. These patriotic messages are written for a period in American history when many citizens feel they are losing their freedom and American heritage.

The Statue of Liberty Speaks

I was driving past New York Harbor today,
When I heard a clear, strong voice.
"Hey you!" It said; "Listen to me!"
"You have to make a choice."

Startled I was, but curious,
So I turned and looked out to sea;
The Statue of Liberty came into view,
And this icon was frowning at me.

"When I first came here," the great lady said,
"Freedom was everywhere.
Now fascists seize your liberties;
Americans, you must beware!"

"Do what it takes to push them back;
Make every sacrifice,
For once your freedom is dead and gone,
You’ll wish you’d paid the price."

"It’s time to take your country back;
Patriots arise!"
Then her face went blank, but before it did,
I thought I saw tears in her eyes.

By Joanna Fuchs

Patriotic poetry such as this poem says that if we want to keep our freedoms, we all have to work together.


Generations one and all,
Father, mother, son,
It’s time to answer America’s call,
And we need everyone.

Grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts,
Nephews, nieces, more,
Push back, because our government
Is closing freedom’s door.

Father, mother, daughter, son,
Grownup grandkids, too,
We won’t stop until it’s done,
And we need all of you.

By Joanna Fuchs

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The American Revolution is the inspiration for much patriotic poetry. This patriotism poem is about a new revolution. Perhaps this revolution will spawn its own generation of patriotic poets and its own patriotic poetry.

Multicolor background with patriotic poem The Second Revolution.

The Second American Revolution

A political tsunami in our land,
As citizens wake up and take a stand.
The second revolution has begun;
We won't give up until our cause is won.

The second fight for freedom and our rights
Is keeping the establishment up nights.
We won't put up with tyranny anymore;
If they won't listen, we'll show them the door.

By Joanna Fuchs

There have been many changes in America in the past few decades. Patriotic poetry can keep a history of such changes, as this patriotic poetry, in free verse, does.

America Enslaved
(In free verse)

"The borrower is servant to the lender,"
says the Bible, in Proverbs, 22:7.
True to God’s word,
America, once the world’s largest lender,
now one of the world’s biggest borrowers—
may soon become enslaved to its lenders,
a servant rather than a leader.

No budget, no logic,
no nod to basic economics,
our government is destroying our country,
displaying fiscal insanity,
devouring our taxpayer dollars
with rampant, chaotic spending,
to no discernible good effect.
Conspicuous corruption is apparent
in outrageous revelations
of favors and payoffs.
Have they no shame?

American families, seduced by credit,
drooling at nonessential temptations,
have learned the hard way
the dire results
of buying toys they can’t afford.
They are cutting back,
budgeting, saving, scrimping,
to right their sinking ship.

with common sense, have learned
what the government
chooses not to acknowledge:
When you spend more than you earn,
there are painful, frightening consequences—
the disintegration of everything.

Borrowing mindlessly from other countries,
making its own citizens involuntary lenders,
running the printing presses,
the government has made paupers
of future generations,
our children, our grandchildren,
who will pay off our preposterous debt,
unless America is forced to default.

Once great and strong,
America is sinking,
as politicians continue
to dance on the deck of the Titanic.

By Joanna Fuchs

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By Joanna Fuchs

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More Patriotic Poems

We have two pages of patriotic poems. This page of patriotism poems is specifically targeted to the time period of the first decade of the millennium and forward when we began to realize we were losing our rights, our freedoms and even our heritage.

There is another separate page of patriotic poems including Memorial Day poems, Flag Day poems, Veteran's Day poems and prayers, an Independence Day poem, patriotic songs, poems honoring the military, and other patriotic verse.

There is also a song, "The American People Will," that really belongs on this page in its subject and tone, but I am putting all the songs on the other page of Patriotic Poems.

Also see the patriotic prayer poem
A Prayer for America.

Patriotic poetry can celebrate attributes or mourn losses, as this patriotism poem does. America's powerfully positive qualities have often been commemorated in patriotic poetry.

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If America’s Light Goes Out

When God made the universe long, long ago,
He decided to celebrate.
"One country I'll make full of freedom and light
For all others to imitate."

"A liberty land full of God-fearing men,
Whose main purpose is just to do good,
A country whose light shines across the whole world,
With the caring of kind brotherhood."

"Its flag will have stripes of the brightest white light,
Representing pure love, when unfurled,
And the red is to symbolize heroes' blood spilled
In defending our precious free world.

Always the first to give help when there's need,
Sharing treasure and manpower, too,
It will have lots of wealth from its freedom to choose
What each man and each woman would do.

If that glorious light of sweet freedom should dim,
Then all else would begin to decay;
The world would experience light getting dark,
As the goodness starts going away.

Humankind would be left without aid, without hope,
To know evil and what it's about;
When corruption removes our free rights and free choice,
Then the light of the free world goes out.

By Joanna Fuchs

Patriotic poetry can urge people to take action, as this patriotism poem does. The actions of patriots reversing generations of government abuse can be documented in the form of patriotic poetry.

Before It’s Too Late
(In free verse)

It’s time to take back our country
before it’s too late—
Let’s take back the freedoms
our founders fought and died for;
restore the irrepressible spirit of independence
and solid personal responsibility
that made America
the strongest, the greatest, the best.

Let’s take back our government
before it’s too late—
before intolerant ideologues reign dictatorially,
taking everything of value
with countless laws, regulations, taxes
that constrain us, depress us, impoverish us.
Take it all back, America,
before gangster government,
corruption and thuggery
throw an impenetrable net over our country,
before greed and the lust for power
create an elite government class
that sucks up all the wealth
leaving us, who produce the wealth,
with nothing.

Let’s take back the schools
where our most precious resource,
our children, our future leaders,
are indoctrinated daily
with outright lies and omissions of the truth,
with ideology that will dispirit and enslave us,
with pseudo-science and social engineering,
with ideas that parents wouldn’t teach
and wouldn’t allow if they knew.
Eliminate the efforts of those who hate America
to turn our children into copies of themselves.
Fill students with nutritious knowledge,
with basic skills that will allow them
to compete and succeed in life.

Let’s take back the churches
before it’s too late—
Force out the purposeful infiltrators
who have slowly invaded our sanctuaries
and taken leadership roles,
who pervert the Gospel
and teach secular subversions
designed to bring our country down.
Help us, Lord, we pray,
to fill your churches with worshippers
who praise and glorify You.

Let’s take back the Constitution
before it’s too late—
Test each law, regulation,
department, office, and tax, past and present,
against the highest law of the land,
written to make us free, strong, and self-reliant.

Let’s restore unity and community.
Before it’s too late, let's overcome divisions
to fight together
for Constitutional solutions to fix the trouble
in which we find ourselves.

Before it’s too late,
let’s take back our country!

By Joanna Fuchs

These poems were written in response to a phone call from a stranger in Texas who asked me to write them for a book he would sell to help fund the Tea Party. He would give me a subject ("Write a poem about the Statue of Liberty") and I would write the poem. That deal fell through, so now these copyrighted poems are posted here.

What Became of America

What became of  America,
Where everyone got along?
What became of America,
When we all knew right from wrong?

If we can’t reclaim America,
The America we knew,
The entire world will be confused;
They won’t know what to do.

Corruption and evil will be here to stay,
If America doesn’t find its way.

By Joanna Fuchs

Patriotic poetry often talks about self sacrifice for the good of the country, as in this free verse example of patriotic poetry.

What Will We Give Up for Freedom?
(In free verse)

In two brutal world wars,
in countless regional conflicts,
generations of Americans sacrificed—
endured shortages of goods, time, money,
committed the lives of dear ones,
in wars for peace and freedom,
"over there."
Now we are fighting a war here
for our treasured rights and liberties.
The USA,
the greatest peacekeeper in history,
is declining, going astray,
perhaps fading away,
our Constitutional rights lost,
our prosperity vanishing,
fascism reigning.
We gave up so much for freedom "over there."
What will we give up to keep it here?

By Joanna Fuchs

A popular message for patriotic poetry is the limitation of government power.

Leave Us Alone!

You’re taking the things that we treasure and own;
Better stop what you’re doing and leave us alone!
Confiscating our lands through eminent domain,
And if we have wetlands, your rules are insane!

Our safe, pretty light bulbs must go in the trash
For mercury-filled, toxic lights, risky to smash.
For all that’s not "green" we must deeply atone;
Quit with the guilt now; just leave us alone!

Our free, prosperous country is going to pot;
Whose fault is that? It’s the government’s—a lot!
The little guy works, but he gets taxed to death;
The government’s grabbing till his very last breath.

Energy costs are rising each day;
That’s their design; they like it that way.
Our doctors must check with the government goon;
Fed up, they’ll be quitting their practices soon.

You’ve taken our liberty, our happiness;
You’re continually making our lives a big mess.
Intrusion, control, and power abuse,
Sometimes we wonder, "Aw heck, what’s the use?"

You’re seizing our rights and our freedoms and more,
With unconstitutional legislation galore.
Could you rein it all in? Could you throw us a bone?
Could you now and then, possibly leave us alone?

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's more patriotic poetry urging patriots to action to clean up their country. 

Patriots Arise!
(In free verse)

America’s founders were patriots,
men of honesty and integrity,
motivated by service
and respect for their countrymen.
Our founders’ vision
for the United States of America
was freedom,
of a kind they had never known
under the thumb of the tyrannical king
in the country they had fled.
Guided by divine providence,
they devised a brilliant
but minimal structure
ensuring freedom for all
to pursue their dreams unhindered.

O Patriots of today,
be thankful for your legacy,
still revered
by those old enough to remember
what real freedom was.

America’s destroyers
exhibit dishonesty and deceit,
doing their dirty business in secret,
bribing their way to absolute power.
Arrogant, motivated by greed,
consumed with lust for total control
over every detail of the lives
of the people who elected them,
they think they are superior,
while we, the people, are inferior animals
to be "nudged" and herded into submission,
as they bully their way
toward what our founders fled...

Rise again, O Patriots!
Throw off the chains,
obstructions, encumbrances
slowly eating away at our liberties.
Eject the corrupt and self-important politicians
who do not listen to us,
do not represent us,
who think only of themselves.

Patriots arise!
Reclaim your God-given
and constitutional rights.
Remember our founders'
dedication, persistence and courage,
and feel those vital qualities
building within yourselves.
Take action now, before it’s too late,
and pray for Divine Providence
to make America once again
"the land of the free
and the home of the brave."

Lift up your hearts, O Patriots,
For we will be free again!

By Joanna Fuchs

Rarely does patriotic poetry have a light, humorous feel. This patriotism poem jokes about government fascism.

Government Man

Oh, government man; hey there, government man,
Stripping our freedoms as fast as you can,
Tax us and regulate, pass new laws, too;
Angry and fed up, we know what to do.

We’re getting together to talk and to act;
We’ll vote you from power; you’re gone; that’s a fact.
We the people will claim back the power you stole;
We’ll make you serve us, because that’s your real role.

When you ask for more money, we’ll say "No, no, no!"
Now we’re cutting you off, Santa! Ho, ho ho!
We’ll restore what our founders wrote way in our past.
Oh, government man, they have you so outclassed!

And, government man, if you won’t say "Aye, aye!"
Then head for the door as we all wave "Bye, bye!"

By Joanna Fuchs

Also see the patriotic prayer poem
A Prayer for America.

You'll often find a vision of the future in patriotism poetry, as in this patriotism poem.

The People’s Vision
(In free verse)

Our vision of America is one
where government serves
rather than enslaves its citizens.

Our vision is of a government
that enhances the ability
of We, the people, to pursue our goals,
a government that creates no obstacles
to realizing our dreams,
a government that uses
its constitutionally enumerated powers
as the founders intended,
keeping us safe from outside intrusion,
shielding our freedom.

Our vision is of a free market
of opportunity for everyone,
the system that made America richly prosperous,
a role model for the world,
where each person keeps what they earn,
rather than having it seized
and "redistributed," unearned, to another.

Our vision is of a government
where officials spend every tax dollar
as if it came from their own pockets,
instead of spending wildly, thoughtlessly,
printing more and more money,
until dollars have no value
and citizens’ savings are worthless.

Let’s keep working toward our vision
until we achieve it,
and never, never give up,
until our vision becomes reality.

By Joanna Fuchs

People are finally understanding that they have to take action rather than continue in complacency. This patriotic poetry talks about that.

The Great Awakening

Awaken, people, and turn to God,
The path our founding fathers trod.
Our spiritual heritage made us strong;
God taught our founders right from wrong.

They wrote our freedoms into laws,
But politicians have many flaws;
If we want to hold our favored land,
We have to fight and take a stand.

For much too long we've been asleep,
Deceived and lied to, led like sheep,
Complacent, comfortable, not a clue,
But now we know what we must do.

Awaken, people, and turn to God
To keep away the tyrant's rod.
God is great and God is king
In this blessed, great awakening.

By Joanna Fuchs

Old history can form the basis for new patriotic poetry. A patriotism poem can describe what was and plan for a better future, and this verse of patriotic poetry does.

The New Declaration
(In free verse)

We the people,
unified by a common purpose
and love of country,
hereby declare our independence
from our bloated, arrogant, corrupt government,
which has spent us
into the poverty of unpayable debt
and enslaved us by disregard of our Constitution.

Under the 9th and 10th amendments
we, as residents of sovereign states,
declare our independence
from unconstitutional government meddling.

We declare our independence
from Democrats, Republicans and others
who no longer represent us,
who have been entrenched too long,
feeding at the trough of taxpayer money
and special interest bribery.

We declare our independence
from a government that no longer has
"the consent of the governed."
Our "patient sufferance" is over
because of our government’s
"long train of abuses and usurpations,"
and we intend to "alter or abolish it."

By Joanna Fuchs

Patriotic poetry can be religious. Patriots often turn to God for help in their causes, and this tendency is often found in patriotic poetry.

And God Smiled...

God created the universe;
Each part knew its place;
Planets all in order,
Stars flung into space.

Galaxies expanding,
Infinite, no end;
Fantastic, awesome power,
Baffling to comprehend.

One planet was unique,
Unlike all the rest;
"Of all that I have made," said God
"This creation is my best."

Misty, majestic mountains,
Deserts baked in heat,
Oceans deep and vast,
"It's just about complete."

"Living things," He said.
"Plants, and animals, too.
And now my crowning achievement:
Man makes his debut."

And God smiled...

"Free will; I don't want robots,
But I won't send them out there blind;
I'll give them a set of instructions,
A manual for humankind."

But free will proved to be trouble;
Man wanted to go his own way;
Just a remnant followed the Bible,
And it's the same to this day.

Corruption and greed infected;
Lust for power is all they see.
"Love my neighbor? That's so silly;
My pleasure is all; Me, Me, Me!"

And God cried...

Things kept getting worse,
A swamp of evil and more,
On their way to total control,
Until the people started to roar.

"We've been silent way too long," they said.
The people called their bluff.
United to turn things around,
"We'll stop you! Now! Enough!"

And God smiled...

By Joanna Fuchs

Patriotic poetry often references The U.S. Constitution.

The Founders' Rules

Our founders set rules for this country of ours,
Rules that had once made us great,
But the weakness of man made America
A target for hostility and hate.

The Constitution is no longer followed;
It limits the power some need;
The people in office want to rule, not to serve;
It's mostly a matter of greed.

Lying and stealing is how most of them work,
And it seems they are having a ball;
We the people were sleeping, not watching, too trusting,
And now we seem in for a fall.

But it isn't too late; we should never give up;
We still have the power to win.
If we just do our part, we the people have strength;
We can fix this big mess that we're in.

If together we stand, and strive hand in hand,
We can save this land that we love,
So let's come together and fight for what's right,
And let's pray for some help from above.

By Karl Fuchs

Patriotism poetry can be optimistic, even in times of trouble. This upbeat verse shows patriotic poetry at its best..

God Bless the USA

We’re in a fix; we’re in a jam;
We’re really in a mess.
Our government’s insanity
Has our country in distress.

We still have our foundation;
Our heritage is our guide;
They’ve ignored the Constitution,
But they can’t take away our pride.

The U.S. has a history
Of letting freedom ring;
Americans are resourceful;
We can do anything.

It’s our government that’s weak,
Living off our labor,
Seizing our wealth through taxes
Giving it to our neighbor.

Our temporary problems,
We’ll make them go away;
God bless the American people;
God bless the USA.

By Joanna Fuchs

More Patriotic Poetry

We have two pages of patriotic poems. This page of patriotism poems is specifically targeted to the time period of the first decade of the millennium and forward when we began to realize we were losing our rights, our freedoms and even our heritage.

There is another separate page of patriotic poems including Memorial Day poems, Flag Day poems, Veteran's Day poems and prayers, an Independence Day poem, patriotic songs, poems honoring the military, and other patriotic verse.

There is also a song, "The American People Will," that really belongs on this page in its subject and tone, but I am putting all the songs on the other page of Patriotic Poems.

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