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The poems at this site were written by me, Joanna Fuchs. I have been writing greeting-card-type poems since I was eight years old.

I hope you can use these poems to enhance your relationships. The poems you give to others to express your feelings to them can become treasured keepsakes, read over and over again.

Note: Some of the verses here were created by my adorable and darling husband Karl. You can see his photo here at my Google Plus site. 

Lots of Poems!
Poemsource.com is a mature site, with almost 900 poems, so I am writing much slower now, adding a poem here and there only occasionally. Whatever poems I write, I look forward to sharing them with you!

I am a professional writer
I write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, copywriting, just about anything. For more of my writing, and much more about me, see my Google Plus page. You'll find a link to it, with my photo on the poem pages. Click on my name.

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Would you like a book of our poems?

This 8 1/4 by 11 inch, 258-page paperback contains more than 500 poems we wrote for Poemsource.com.

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