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The poems at this site were written by me, Joanna Fuchs, except for the page titled "Favorite Poems," which are mostly famous and antique poems written by others.

Some of the verses here were created by the love of my life, my husband, Karl, who died in 2020.  I discovered many of Karl's poems I didn't know about on a flash drive among his things, and some of them were posted in 2020.

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Poemsource.com is a mature site, with more than 1,000 poems, so I am writing much slower now, adding a poem here and there only occasionally. 

Although my main focus is as writer and publisher of Poemsource.com, I am a wordsmith and a frequent communicator, both in writing and speaking. 

I've been creating poems since I learned to write. As a young child, I wrote little rhyming verses for family greeting cards. I wrote poetry in connection with school assignments. I write poetry for a variety of applications.

In My Youth...

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in fashion retailing. I was a supervisor for a women's wear department at the Carson Pirie Scott department store in the Chicago Loop at the time President Kennedy was shot. I hated the fashion rat race however; just liking clothes wasn't enough.

I took a job teaching correspondence courses for the American Savings and Loan Institute, my first writing job. All of my jobs involved writing, but I didn't think of myself as a writer, by profession, until much later.

In Mid-life...

One of many things I did in the past was write and present my own paid, professional speeches and sell my own scripted audiotapes on self-improvement, at colleges and corporations. I was a member of the National Speakers' Association for 11 years.

I also wrote civil service tests for government agencies. I wrote a national newsletter reviewing movies for parents for content of possible concern. I wrote public relations materials and Web site content for a number of companies. I wrote technical materials for two companies. I was Assistant News Editor for the Glendale News Press for awhile until the L.A. Times bought it and brought in their own people.

Work on the Internet

I became a keyword expert when I worked for the Internet startup that invented paying for search engine ranking (like ads at the top of regular search results). That company was GoTo, which became Overture, which was bought by Yahoo. GoTo also created the first database listing searches per month per keyword. My job was to find keywords for paying clients to bid on, so they could list at the top or near the top of search results. This was shortly before Google came into existence. 

From Big-City Life, Back to Nature...

I moved from Southern California to North Idaho and continued to telecommute for awhile, until technical difficulties made that impossible.

Then I started Poemsource.com, and the rest is all good. 

I Write fiction

For fun, I took a correspondence course in writing for children. I submitted two of my stories to a state-level writing contest, and they both won first in their category. I needed an income, though, and fiction is risky, so I moved on. Just for fun, I am working on a book series for kids ages 12 to 14.

I Write Nonfiction

I have a nonfiction book in the works. It includes specific techniques about how to make people like you, detailed techniques for handling difficult people (exactly what to say), and it's also about the importance of good character to happy relationships and success in every area of your life. 

This book is based on a popular seminar I wrote and taught all over California. When I asked students, "Did you practice these techniques this week? Do they work?" many hands shot enthusiastically into the air.

When it's done, I'll put it on Kindle, and I'll post lots of excerpts on my sites and social media.

I Do Copywriting

I took two costly copywriting courses, to generate income with paid assignments, but instead I got interested what I could do with the Internet. I use these copywriting skills on my Web sites and in my other writing.

I Write Poems

Of course, you knew that! The free greeting card poems here at  Poemsource.com include Anniversary, Baby, Birthday, Christian, Christmas, Father, Friendship, Funny, Get Well, Graduation, Love, Mother, New Year, Patriotic, Sympathy, Teacher, Thanksgiving, Thank You, Valentine, Wedding, and more. See the Site Map for the full list. Perhaps my most famous poem is "Since My Valentine Got A Computer," on the Funny Valentine Poems page.

I hope you can use these poems to enhance your relationships. The poems you give to others to express your feelings to them can become treasured keepsakes, read over and over again. I wish for you to find the perfect poem, just what you are looking for!

Note: Some poems/messages not written by me or Karl are found on guest pages. Links to these pages are found at the bottom of some of my regular pages, for example, at the bottom of the Birthday Poems page.

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