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Hi! I'm Joanna Fuchs. I've written for this site more than 1,000 original greeting card poems and rhymes for all occasions, traditional, sentimental, good old-fashioned poetry to touch the heart.

Genuinely Personal Poems

Unlike other poems, my poetry speaks directly to the person receiving your card. Notice the repeated use of "you," "your," and "we" in most of my poems. As a result, your card speaks right to the heart and soul of your special someone. See what I mean in this friendship poem, "My Treasured Friend." Look at all the uses of various forms of "you."

Author's Choice Poems

Although I like all my poems or I wouldn't post them, there are four poems at designated "Author's Choice." Of all the poems I’ve written, these are my personal favorites.

1. This hot love poem, "Creatures of the Fire," is accompanied by the story of how and why this site was created. It's the first poem I wrote. It was my favorite then, and, years later, it still is.

2. A lot of people can relate to this funny birthday poem, "Birthday Workout," which warns about the downside of a major birthday perk.

3. My most famous poem is a funny Valentine poem, "Since My Valentine Got A Computer." Yes, I know you've seen it all over the Internet, but it's mine. Chasing those who have copied this poem is a full time job.

4. I'm a fool for love poems, and many of my romantic greeting card poems were written with my husband, Karl, in mind. This verse about love is called "Anniversary Love Sonnet."

You Can Customize Our Poems

You can customize many of my greeting card poems, entering details about that person, to intensify the good feelings your card creates. In the rhyming poems, you can use the non-rhyming lines (usually every other line). In the free verse poems use any line.

Make Friends With Greeting Card Poetry

A greeting card message is an easy way to say "I think you're special." Whether you give greeting card wishes to friends or to people you'd enjoy having as friends, the effect will be satisfying for everyone.

  • They'll feel better about themselves because of the good feelings you expressed to them with greeting card poetry.
  • They'll feel better about you because you made them feel good.
  • You'll feel good about yourself for having made them happy.

Make A Good Impression
With Greeting Card Poems

The right greeting card message for a special occasion makes a great impression. Let's say you are invited to wedding. Your wedding gift sets you apart because it comes with a quality wedding poem. Now you have made a special occasion really special.

The same goes for a graduation, baby shower, birthday or other occasion. Your sentiments in a greeting card message make for good feelings all around. They'll remember you, and your poem, with affection.

Greeting card messages and sayings provide a simple, easy way
to make a lot of good impressions.

Expressing Feelings
Is Essential To Good Relationships

The 900+ original greeting card messages, wishes, sayings, verses, rhymes, words, phrases you'll find here will help you express your feelings and get closer to people. They are designed to give the people you care about warm feelings toward you, or pleasant tingles, or sometimes even happy tears.

The value of expressing emotion to enhance relationships cannot be overstated. It's often hard, though, to say your positive feelings out loud; it's easier to write them. But in our fast-paced, hectic world, very few people take the time to write a letter, or even a note. gives you a quick, easy way to express your feelings in appropriate ways to strengthen relationship bonds. How much easier can it get than to tuck a greeting card poem, a rhyming poem or free verse, into a card or note to let someone know you care?

Our greeting card messages are a great value. They're free! But first, check the copyright information for legal limits on the use of our greeting card poetry. Please click here to read our Terms Of Use page for important details.

Then click one of the buttons at the top left or one of the links below to go to the page of your choice, select a greeting card verse and start creating emotional magic! Your life will fill with fonder friends, and new ones, too!

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Karl's Poems

Karl is my husband and the love of my life. You’ll see Karl’s name as author on some poems. If my name is next to his, it means I tinkered with it. Some greeting card poems are his alone, however, and my favorites are his funny Thanksgiving poems. "Thanksgiving Ghost" and "Belly Stuffer" are pure genius. (Note that Karl likes to write "I," "me," "my" poems, and frequently my tinkering involves inserting various forms of the more personal "you.") Karl died in 2020.

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