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Sentimental Journey
Second Edition
1,001 Classic Greeting Card Poems
for All Occasions

The poems of Joanna and Karl Fuchs—touching, inspiring, funny—are used worldwide in greeting cards, read aloud at events and printed in newsletters, invitations, and programs. Smile, laugh and cry while reading 1,000+ poems from Joanna’s popular Web site,

Anniversary, birthday, baby, Christian, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine, wedding, father, mother, friend, teacher, graduation, thank you, get well, sympathy, patriotic, and many, many love poems: romantic love poems, Valentine love poetry, sad love poems, short love poems, teen love poems, Christmas love poems, love poems to family members, and more.

Say what you feel—quickly, easily, comfortably, with the perfect poem from this treasured collection.

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Here is a some of the e-mail feedback on the poems in this book (lightly edited for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar).

Recently I made a card for my honey of five years for valentines day and while he thought the card was beautiful he made special mention of the verse inside and of course it was one of yours! But the joy was that it said everything I wanted to say to him and he felt it! Keep writing! God bless you both.

I love your poems! They ROCK!

All your birthday poems are really wonderful...a great relief for people like me who who have so much to say, but do not know how to express it in beautiful words!

I make cards and I used one of your birthday poems for my mom. She just loved it!

I wanted to give a sick co-worker a get well card and didn't want to go generic and didn't want to be too personal with the message. Your poem "When You're Not Here" is so perfect and I know that she will appreciate it very much. Thank you again for the site and for the poem.

You're prolific! And good! Really good!

I have spent hours here. I was only looking for one poem but ended up looking at so many! Enjoyed your web site. Thanks.

Your poems are perfect for Teacher Appreciation Day...not too long and not too mushy...sincere and delightful to read.

Your poems are the words that I wanted to say. Some brought tears to my eyes. I really enjoyed all of them.

Love your poems! A variety from teachers to best friends! I will bookmark this page! Keep it up; it's great and inspirational!

I'm doing a Christmas present for my gramma with cancer. The one poem, "I care," wow. That was such an amazing poem. Thanks for making this site. It helped a lot with my poem book present!

Appreciate your helpfulness in finding the perfect words for those of us who do not have that skill. Keep up the good work.

Realistic aand natural without being too gushy.

These poems are great. They are just what I was looking for to express how I feel about my father

I love your poems. My scrapbook cards are always received in awe!

I loved all the poems. It was hard choosing which one I will put on my handmade card.

I needed something at the last minute to read for a lovely couple that has been married for 65 years. You made it possible for me... Thanks!

My aunt and uncle have been married for 30 years this year so I chose your "Favored Couple" poem as it was just perfectly lovely! Thank you to you both, firstly for being so clever and secondly for sharing your poetry with the less poetically minded like myself!

I really liked the poems for retiring teachers. It's hard to find them.

Very lovely poem I just found on on the Father Poems page: "Life Lessons." Thank you very much

I plan to use some of your poems as part of an elementary school program for Veterans Day. Thanks!

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Click the image below to buy the book. This 8 1/4 by 11 inch, 258-page paperback contains more than 500 poems we wrote for

I really liked the get well poem "Hang in There." It seems very appropriate for my friend. I am glad that I found your Web site.

Whoever wrote those poems is a genius, because I wrote them down and it gave my heart a good feeling inside.

Great poems -- perfect for hand-stamped cards.

Your poems spoke of things I want my Dad to know! Thank you for making it easy to find what's in my heart that I feel.

Thank you for putting into words the feeling I felt. M....H@YAHOO.COM

My daughter is expecting her first child (my first granddaughter), and I found just the right poem to give her.

The most beautiful poems I have ever read. Keep up the wonderful writing. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful talent. God Bless Always!

Thank you so much for this wonderful poetry, which is very hard to find.

Thanks for the help with my parents 50th Anniversary Toast. I wanted it to be special and you had just what I was looking for.

Thank you, thank you for such beautiful, & always appropriate material!

The memorial went well and I believe your poem helped to set the tone so that we were able to view the service as a celebration of her life. Her students came and either shared or read a letter they had written. In such sad times, it is often difficult to find the right words to say, and your poem said it all.

My daughter is finishing pre-school, and it's impossible to find an appropriate card. I bought a blank one and I'm going to add a hand print of my daughter on one side - your poem on the other! What could be more perfect?! Thank you so much Joanna!

I looked at the friendship poems. They were great, very descriptive of what true friends really are.

It was the perfect thing. exactly what i was looking for my parents 15th anniversary.

The poems express every kind of birthday: for a loved one, a good friend, or an aged friend. There are poems for all ages!

So touching. Things that I could never say to my I will send him one poem each week and see what kind of response I will get.

I fell in love with the poem called "Sonnet for an Unforgettable Teacher" It was the best poem I have ever heard. So when I give it to her I'm sure she will love it.

My son's Grade 1 class is doing up a homemade card, and the poems are perfect.

Sometimes one just can't find the right words to express how they feel...I found the right words here on your site. Thank you so much!

Best graduation poems I've found on the net.

Buy Sentimental Journey

Click the image below to buy the book. This 8 1/4 by 11 inch, 258-page paperback contains more than 500 poems we wrote for

Wonderful loving poems for teachers. Thanks a lot.

Your poems say all the right things.

How clever of people to write just what you would like to say, but don't know how.

I needed something for a friend taking chemotherapy. You had just the right poem: "I Care."

Your poems are great. I chose "A Teacher for All Seasons" to put with seed packets from our Moms in Touch group that prays for our children & their schools.

You've done it again! Just found "Your Marriage is Golden" to send to my sister and brother-in-law for their 50th anniversary. You write with a golden pen!

I was looking for a poem for Easter and found songs too! Thank you!

Perfect poems for my new grandchild.

Great poems to add to a personal scrapbook for family memories.

The poems are great. Sometimes it's hard to say what's on your mind. These poems are great for any time of the year! It's a wonderful way to cheer up someone you love.

I have always enjoyed rhyming poems and your collection is first class.

I printed the beautiful poem "Birthday Blessings" for a 96 year old friend. Thank you for the appropriate words.

I discovered your wonderful offering in my Women’s Day magazine.

I loved all the poems. My favorite one was "Super Mom."

The first poem I read, "You Da Man," was so good!. I gave it to my dad and I know he will love it.

Wow, I’ve never read such soul soothing, heart warming and wonderful pieces like this before. Keep it up!

Thank you for helping me to make Teacher Appreciation Week for my son's teachers special!

I’m not very good at expressing myself, and your "My Giving Friend" said it all.

"Each Year I Fall In Love With You" is the perfect poem to give my husband on our 44th anniversary.

I am going to use your words in my wedding.

You always capture every occasion with class and grace.

"A New Beginning" is perfect for my nephew who graduates from high school tomorrow.

"So Many Pleasures" expresses how I feel about my husband. I will recite it to him at our 30th Anniversary vow reaffirmation ceremony.

It's really refreshing to read such encouraging and inspiring poems!

The poems are very comforting. My friend is recovering from cancer and the "I Care" poem really made his day.

I am a teacher and was looking for Thanksgiving poems, and found so much more.

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Click the image below to buy the book. This 8 1/4 by 11 inch, 258-page paperback contains more than 500 poems we wrote for


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