Anniversary Poems

Free anniversary poems. Show them you remember. Let them know you care and are thinking about them with a high-quality wedding anniversary verse.

Loving Pair

It takes two special people,
 To make a loving pair.
 There's a joy just being around you,
 A feeling we love to share.

We send anniversary wishes to you,
 For years of joy and pleasure.
 May each year keep getting better,
 With memories to treasure.

By Joanna and Karl Fuchs

Years together, shared memories and much love make an anniversary special, as this rhyming anniversary card poem describes. 

Balloons and sparkly pink background. Anniversary Joy poem. Your anniversary is a time for sharing your affection; It's obvious the two of you have quite a deep connection.

Anniversary Joy

Your anniversary is a time
For sharing your affection;
It's quite obvious the two of you
Have quite a deep connection.

We send glad congratulations
And heartfelt wishes, too,
For joyful happiness and love
In everything you do.

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding anniversary wishes should make the recipient glad they are married, as this free verse, happy anniversary poem does. 

Time to Reflect

On your anniversary,
 it's time to reflect on all the joy
 your marriage has brought you over the years.
 Remember your wedding day?
 Your wedding photos show
 your affection, your passion,
 the bond you feel with one another.
 Since that day,
 many more pleasures have come to you
 because you chose to love each other.
 As you reminisce,
 let those fond, happy memories
 strengthen your commitment
 to love and care for each other...
 Happy Anniversary!

By Joanna Fuchs

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For their anniversary, say something thoughtful. Wedding anniversary poems can convey positive observations about a marriage, as this anniversary message does. 

Best Marriage

Your anniversary marks the day
 When you both said "I do."
 The two of you became as one,
 A marriage bright and new.

Now time has passed; your love is strong;
 You passed the early test.
 Your tender bond grows with passing time;
 Your marriage is the kind that's best!

By Joanna Fuchs

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Sometimes wedding anniversary messages can take a look back to compare the marriage as it was with what it is and what it will become. This free verse (nonrhyming) poem does that. 


Remember the first flush of love
 that drew you powerfully together?
 It still feeds the unassailable bond
 that makes your marriage so secure.
 Remember all the qualities about each other
 you found so endearing?
 They are still there,
 and new ones create sweet surprises.
 Remember thinking that this love
 would last forever?
 Your love has strengthened and grown
 into eternal affection and admiration.
 Years from now, you'll look back
 at this anniversary
 and realize you love each other
 more than ever.

Happy Anniversary!

By Joanna Fuchs

A Couple to Admire

Two people joined and happy,
You’re a couple to admire.
You seem to have a special bond
All couples would desire. 

So keep the sweet love flowing;
May your lives be truly blessed.
We’re celebrating with you;
We wish you all the best.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Short anniversary poems are in demand, so I wrote one.

Happiness in Store 

Your anniversary is a time for reflection,
Thinking of all the good things
That make your marriage special,
The contentment that true love brings. 

Each year you’ll have even more
Sweet happiness in store.

 By Joanna Fuchs

Greeting card poems are often bland, but the following anniversary message will make an enduring impression on the couple who receives it. This poem for an anniversary will remind the recipients of why they value each other. 

When You Found Each Other

When you two found each other,
 you gained the finest prize:
 a companion to share life's joys,
 a friend who lightens burdens,
 whose company is always a comfort.
 When you found each other,
 you embraced the love you had dreamed of,
 the source of endless pleasure
 and memories to treasure.
 May your anniversary remind you
 of how precious that day was,
 when you found each other.

By Joanna Fuchs

Anniversary poetry should express both congratulations and affection, as this anniversary verse does.

Few So Lucky

There are few who are so lucky
 To have the things you do,
 Companionship and friendship,
 And loving feelings, too.

As friends we wish these pleasures
 Will last forevermore,
 For we know that you will ever be
 A couple whom we adore.

By Joanna Fuchs
(and Karl)

Anniversary wishes should make the recipients feel good. That's the way this verse is written. 

Love Light

It's your anniversary,
 and we admire the good role model
 your marriage provides for the rest of us:
 Happiness, caring, unselfish accommodation
 out of affection for one another.
 You two illuminate any room
 with the light of love you share.
 Happy Anniversary, and many more!

By Joanna Fuchs

An anniversary is a special time. Anniversary poetry celebrates the joys of marriage. This anniversary wish focuses on a happy couple. 

Love's Blessing

Life bestows love's blessing,
 On a very special few.
 And I believe it happened,
 When life encountered you.

You are a perfect couple,
 In a marriage that is blessed;
 May your love shine like a beacon,
 A guide for all the rest.

By Joanna Fuchs
(and Karl)

Pastel background w circles Anniversary Contentment poem.

Anniversary Contentment 

On your anniversary
enjoy the contentment
from sharing hopes and dreams,
having someone to lean on
to deal with life’s challenges,
enjoying precious memories--
the creation of your endless love.

By Joanna Fuchs

Anniversary messages can be general or specific. This one can be put on just about any kind of anniversary card. It could also be used as an anniversary toast.

Favored Couple

No one can know what the outcome
 Of spending years together will be.
 Being happy together is a gift,
 And enduring love is the key.

So here's to a favored couple;
 Everything has worked right for you.
 May your future bring more of the same,
 And your love remain strong and true.

By Joanna Fuchs
(and Karl)

Here's an anniversary verse perfect for the anniversary celebrants who are your best friends. 

Blessed Union

Very rarely,
 God chooses two extraordinary people,
 bonding them in marriage,
 a unique, blessed union,
 a golden couple
 who shine like a beacon of hope
 for the rest of us—
hope that we can learn
 to glow as they do,
 with intelligence,
 good character, strength
 and love.
 We feel privileged to know you.
 Happy Anniversary
 to our most treasured friends.
 For us, you are truly heaven sent.

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's a free wedding anniversary poem for a very happy couple. My marriage with Karl is like this; I hope yours is, too. 

Wedded Bliss

Another year for you in wedded bliss.
 Did you guess it would still be as good as this?
 Days filled with friendship and deep affection,
 A relationship of love close to perfection.

It's nice to know a perfect pair like you,
 You prove a happy marriage can come true.
 I hope with many more years you both are blessed,
 And each new anniversary is the best.

By Joanna Fuchs
(and Karl)

Anniversary poems can describe what you admire about the special couple.


On your anniversary,
you are a couple
we cherish and admire.
Knowing you is a blessing,
watching you be role models
who love unconditionally.
Stronger together,
you share life’s burdens
and delight in life’s joys.
May your anniversary
be as special as you are. 

By Joanna Fuchs

This anniversary poem will fit nicely in a card you can give or send to mark the special event. 

Making Dreams Come True

Now you're husband and wife;
 Your marriage is a treasure.
 Rewards come all your life:
 Joy and peace and pleasure.

Togetherness you'll cherish
 Eternally, you two.
 Your love will never perish,
 Making dreams come true.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

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Some wedding anniversary poetry rhymes; some doesn't. This free verse happy wedding anniversary poem is perfect as a greeting card poem. 

Another Year

Another year to create
 precious memories together.
 Another year to discover
 new things to enjoy about each other.
 Another year to build
 a life rich in love and laughter.
 Another year to strengthen
 a marriage that defines "forever."

Happy Anniversary!

By Joanna Fuchs

Anniversary poetry comes in different formats. This wedding anniversary wish is a toast to the happy anniversary couple. 

Let's Give A Cheer

Come everyone let's give a cheer,
 In celebration of a couple dear.
 A couple who in love unite,
 And are seldom cross and rarely fight.

To a couple who bring joy to all,
 May you laugh and sing and have a ball.
 May happiness surround you two,
 That is what I wish for you.

By Joanna Fuchs
(and Karl)

Wedding anniversary poems can include God's love and guidance. This anniversary verse does that, and it also cements the bond between the giver of the poem and the happy anniversary couple.

Anniversary Wishes

May the good Lord see and bless you,
 On your anniversary day.
 May He always be your companion,
 And guide you on your way.

May your bonds of marriage strengthen,
 Holding strong amidst all fears.
 And may our friendship stay untarnished,
 Through the wearing of the years.

By Joanna Fuchs
(and Karl)

Anniversary poems can send good wishes while commenting on the strength of the marriage, as this anniversary message does. 

Have a Bright and Happy Day!

Happy anniversary to you both;
 Have a bright and happy day.
 Your marriage sets an example;
 It shines in every way.

Through time your bond is strong;
 It lasts through sun and storm;
 You'll always have your love
 To keep each other warm.

By Joanna Fuchs

This free wedding anniversary message, in free verse, is a happy anniversary poem suitable for a greeting card.


You two are an inspiration to the world.
 Looking at you, we know that
 soulmates can find and keep each other,
 commitment means something,
 a great team can overcome life's troubles,
 and love triumphs over all.

Happy Anniversary!

By Joanna Fuchs

Really Rare

Sometimes, when people marry,
They have not thought it through.
It does not go the way they planned,
And it makes them kind of blue.

But your joining seems a blessing;
You seem such a happy pair.
It makes the ones who know you
Realize you’re really rare.

So we’re glad we can celebrate with you,
On this your anniversary day.
We know your love will triumph
Through your whole life, come what may.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Anniversary Love Poem

This romantic anniversary love message should create good feelings for a happy anniversary! 

Heavenly Anniversary

We've known each other quite a while,
 Yet days spent with you still make me smile.
 The sun shines brighter whenever you're near;
 You've brightened my life through every year.

It's hard to think of a better mate;
 Life with you is really great.
 Every minute with you is like heaven above.
 Happy Anniversary to you, my cherished, true love.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Anniversary Prayer

I am surprised at the number of searches for all kinds of greeting card prayers, including anniversary prayers, so here is an anniversary blessing. 

Anniversary prayer

Dear Lord, please bless this husband and wife
 With a comfortable home and a happy life.
 We pray for love that never ends,
 Contentment, joy and lots of friends.

And when each pleasant day is through,
 We pray they'll turn their hearts to you.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Happy Anniversary Toast

Here's an anniversary poem that can double as an anniversary toast. 

Anniversary Toast

Here's a toast to the two of you
 As you celebrate together;
 You're the poster kids for happiness,
 In sunny or stormy weather.

Your love continues, warm and bright;
 May it shine throughout the years;
 You're an example for the rest of us,
 So here's to you: Three cheers!

By Joanna Fuchs

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