Wedding Poems

Free wedding poems wishes and messages for greeting card sayings, wedding invitations, favors, programs and thank yous. Wedding toasts, vows, a father daughter dance song, a wedding vows renewal poem, a marriage blessing and a wedding prayer or blessing.

The Best Is Yet To Be

On your joyful wedding day,
You begin a brand new life.
Friends and family give their gifts
To joyful husband, blissful wife.

But the greatest gift you'll ever get,
A gift from heaven above,
Is love forever, ending never,
Everlasting love.

You'll share life's joy and pleasure;
You'll have plenty of that, it's true.
But love is the real treasure
For your new spouse and you.

And if life hands you challenges,
As it does to one and all,
Your love will hold you steady
And never let you fall.

Your wedding day is full of joy;
Tomorrow you cannot see.
But one thing's sure for the two of you:
The best is yet to be.

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding poems often talk about a happy start to a lifetime of happiness, as this wedding poem does. As wedding wishes go, this is a very warm and sweet one.

Marriage Glow

Your wedding day is just the start
Of a lifetime full of love and fun.
It just begins as you take your vows,
When the two of you are joined as one;

We wish for you sweet happiness;
Through the years, may your love grow,
To warm you both from day to day,
In your marriage’s satisfying glow.

By Joanna Fuchs

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This wedding poetry is designed as a greeting card message. It's a wedding poem, in free verse, that hints at how important a good marriage is to a happy life.

The Finest Thing

Among the finest things in life,
a good marriage
is the most satisfying and rewarding,
the deepest and best of pleasures.
That blessed relationship
uplifts, enriches, encourages
and strengthens both husband and wife.
A loving marriage
overcomes any obstacles
the world may put in its way,
strengthening the special marital bond
with every challenge conquered.
Your wedding
is the start of something better
than you can imagine.
May your marriage
be all that you dream of and more.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Here's a perfect wedding poem for a "Congratulations on your marriage" card.

Pink furled satin background with white square and wedding poem May All Good Things Be Yours

May All Good Things Be Yours

Your happiness begins
with your wonderful wedding day.
You'll share everything together;
Through it all, your love will stay.

Congratulations to you,
As you begin your happy life.
May all good things be yours,
New husband and new wife.

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding poems for cards always predict lots of love and happiness.

Joyous Leap

Your wedding is a joyous leap
into a life of happiness together.
May you fall in love again and again;
be best friends for each other, too.
As you enrich each other’s lives,
your love gets better,
your bond stronger.
Your special day is just the start
of a blissful relationship,
a neverending love fest!

By Joanna Fuchs

A wedding is about new beginnings, and wedding poems reflect that. This wedding poem talks about the beginning and the continuation of wedding love. Wedding poetry, especially a wedding rhyme, makes your contribution to the wedding very special. This wedding poem could be a wedding toast poem, a wedding day poem or a wedding card poem. You can also use it with a wedding gift as a wedding wish.

Door to Happiness

A wedding is a door to happiness,
When two decide to share their lives as one.
Your marriage is an adventure bright and new;
The pleasures and delights have just begun.

I/We wish for you a lifetime full of love;
May you always keep that magical attraction.
Let your bond and your commitment grow with time,
So that all your days are filled with satisfaction.

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding poems can rhyme or be written in free verse, as this one is. It's designed as a greeting card message. It’s a wedding verse sure to warm the hearts of the happy couple.

Unshakeable Bond

A wedding of two people
of quality and character,
so obviously right for each other,
is a joy and a blessing to the world.
May your fondest hopes, wishes and dreams
all come true,
as you grow closer together
in an unshakeable, loving bond.
May your marriage be filled
with sunshine and rainbows
and every kind of happiness
you two so richly deserve.
Congratulations, and every good wish
for the best things life has to offer you.

By Joanna Fuchs

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Wedding poetry designed as a greeting card saying expresses good wishes for the new couple, as this wedding verse does. It's a rhyming poem.

Wonderful Life

Congratulations on your marriage,
Have a wonderful life!
You are two terrific people,
Now teamed as man and wife.

A team with blessings like yours
Will live a life you'll cherish;
You’ll find happiness everywhere,
For your love will never perish.

By Karl Fuchs

Wedding poetry should focus on the joy of the wedding day and on the happy future of the bride and groom, as this free verse wedding poem does.

Your Wedding Is...

A time for romance,
Hearts warm with joy,
Tingles of anticipation.

A time for love,
Merging your two lives
Together as one.

A time for hopes,
That your fondest dreams
Will come true, together.

A time for plans,
Sharing ideas
To make it all happen.

May your reality
Exceed your happiest wishes
In every way!

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding Poems for Invitations

Attendance at a wedding requires an invitation! Wedding invitation poems have to be short to fit on invitations. Here's a wedding poem that's also a wedding invitation verse.

You're Invited!

A wedding is coming!
Details inside.
Come celebrate
With the groom and the bride.

There’ll be music and food,
Joy and fun—come and see,
And please let us know
With your RSVP.

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's another wedding invitation verse.

Wedding poem over yellow and pink wedding bells

Wedding Invitation Verse

Come have some fun
As two become one.
Mark down the date
To help celebrate
A love deep and true;
All that's needed is you.

Casual, no fuss,
Just be with us.
A good time, you'll see;

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding Thank You Poem
or Wedding Favor Poem

Wedding poems are used on thank you notes and on wedding programs. This wedding poem could be used as a wedding thank you poem (distributed at the reception) or as a poem for a wedding program, or even as a wedding favor poem.

Program/Thank You

Today we begin the rest of our life
Together forever as husband and wife.
Our dreams came true, with love and more—
Adventures to have and the world to explore.

We’ll share our joys, we’ll share our sorrows;
We can already see many bright tomorrows.
We’ll share our friends and family, too,
And you are part of that special crew.

Thank you for celebrating our wedding day.
As we share our vows, we just want to say:
These wedding memories will become a treasure,
And seeing you here is part of the pleasure.

By Joanna Fuchs

Free Sample
Wedding Ceremony Vows

Some wedding poems can be used as wedding vows. Here is a free verse wedding vow for the bride that could also be used as a wedding poem.

Bride's Vow

My wonderful (groom’s name),
On our wedding day, I think of all the reasons
I am blessed to be your wife:

You are the joy of my life.
In you I found much more than I ever hoped,
more than I ever dreamed a man could be.
In your arms, I feel happy, safe, protected.
You’re my hero, my defender, my soul mate, my love.

I was born for you.
There was a space in my heart that you fill perfectly.
I fall in love with you again every time I see you.

We are alike, and yet we are different.
Our similarities bond us together,
and our differences keep things interesting.
And no matter what,
you let me be me, just as I am.
I am so grateful for that.

I want to keep discovering you.
I love so many things about you now,
and I know I will find many more to love.

The many little things you to do please me
touch me more than you know.
You see me with your heart,
and you always make me feel beautiful.

This is the beginning
of the rest of our lives together.
We have so much happiness ahead of us,
a lifetime of love,
a lifetime to create wonderful memories.
Nothing matters more than being with you.
I love you; I trust you; I am totally open to you.

Everything that’s woman in me responds to the man in you,
And as we become husband and wife,
I want you to know that there will never be
anyone else for me but you,
my husband, my love, my life.

By Joanna Fuchs

Some wedding poems can be used as wedding vows. Here is a wedding vow, in the form of a free verse wedding poem, for the groom.

Groom's Vow

My sweet (bride’s name)
On our wedding day, I think of all the reasons
I am blessed to be your husband:

You are the joy of my life.
You are everything I ever wanted in a woman.
My heart soars every time I see you.
Just the sound of your voice brings me pleasure.
I never get enough of you.

When I’m with you I feel happy, complete, confident, strong,
everything a man wants to feel.
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

I’m a better person when I’m around you.
You bring out good parts of me I didn’t even know I had.
You inspire me to be the best I can be.
I’m better for knowing you, better for loving you.

You’re so easy to love.
You brighten my life in so many ways.
When you’re not with me, I miss you.
It feels like we were meant for each other.
It means so much to me to have you by my side.

I can’t find words to say
how intense my feelings are for you.
You thrill me beyond description.
I didn’t know what happiness was till I met you.

You’re my serenity, my comforter,
a peaceful refuge from the outside world.
No one else knows me like you do.
I share things with you I’ve never shared before,
and you use the things you discover about me
to do things that make me happy.
I am so grateful for that.
I love you; I trust you; I am totally open to you.

Everything that’s man in me
responds to the woman in you
And as we become husband and wife,
There will never be anyone else for me,
My wife, my love, my life.

By Joanna Fuchs

These free verse wedding poems can be used as shorter wedding vows.


(Man's name), I’ve dreamed of the man I’d want to be with forever: strong, smart, kind, tender, romantic. You’re better than I dreamed. When I’m with you, my heart glows with pleasure, and I wonder how I could be so blessed. I was born for you. Let me be your friend, your playmate, your biggest fan. I offer you my heart, my mind, my life.

(Woman's name), I always knew the kind of woman I wanted: bright, attractive, fun-loving, affectionate. You’re all that and more. When we’re together, I’m happier than I’ve ever been before. You bring out the best in me. You’re so easy to love, and no one can love you like I do. Let me be your hero, your lover, your greatest admirer. I offer you myself, my love, my life.

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding Toasts

Free verse wedding poems can be used as wedding toasts. Such wedding toasts should touch and entertain the wedding guests as well as the wedding couple, as this poem tries to do.

Wedding Toast

Here’s to Jim and Kathy:
May they always love each other as much as they do today.
Now each of you has a best friend forever.
Each of you is a shelter for the other from life’s storms.
Each of you can share with each other life’s greatest pleasures.
This is a great beginning, but the best is yet to come.
Let today’s treasured memories turn into beautiful tomorrows
full of joy, fun, contentment and satisfaction.
The world always welcomes lovers,
and the whole wide world is opening up for you now
to share its treasures and delights.
May all your dreams come true, and may we get to share in them!

By Joanna Fuchs

Here's another free verse wedding poem designed as a wedding toast. It's designed to lift up the bride and groom and also make the guests happy.

Perfect Partner Wedding Toast

Here's to Brad and Jill:
May they find in each other
the perfect partner for life's adventure.
May their marriage be filled with happiness
exceeding their wildest dreams.
May they see again each and every day
all the qualities in the other
that made them fall in love and marry.
And may they always be grateful
for life's greatest gift--
a marriage based on true love.
May your true love give both of you
joy, and peace, and satisfaction.

By Joanna Fuchs

Father Daughter Dance Song

This father daughter dance lyric I wrote is to the tune of the song When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, which I believe is in the public domain, but you should check for yourself before performing the song. The sheet music for this song should is easy to find on the Internet. Be careful, though, that the arrangement, that is, the harmony parts and accompaniment, are not copyrighted. If they are, you can seek permission to use the arrangement. Here's a bonus: This melody is written in waltz time, so if you want to do a waltz with father, you can. Or, if he doesn't dance, you can just sway back and forth.

Father Daughter Dance Song

My daddy was my hero
For my very youngest years;
Daddy kept me safe and happy,
And he chased away my fears.
I watched in awe and wonder
At each manly thing he did;
Oh, I looked up to my daddy,
When I was a little kid.

My dad was still my hero,
As the years passed, one by one.
He taught important lessons,
And he took some time for fun.
He was my firm foundation;
On my dad I did depend;
He was always there for me,
My dad, my guide, my friend.

My father is my hero,
Now that I am fully grown.
I love him and respect him,
The best man I've ever known.
I knew when I would marry
That my husband had to be
A great man, just like my father,
Dad, my hero you'll always be.

By Joanna Fuchs

Wedding Vows Renewal

I am really surprised at the very large number of people who are looking to renew their wedding vows. Wedding vows renewal is a very hot topic, so I wrote the free verse poem for those many people who are interested in renewing their wedding vows.

Cross My Heart

I loved you before our wedding day,
I committed myself to you on that special, memorable day,
and now I want to reaffirm to you
all the love, admiration, devotion, respect and gratitude
I still feel for you.
I really know you, and I really love you.
We are two halves of the same soul,
happily bound together by a united, everlasting love.
My dreams came true when I met you.
Our wedding day opened for me
a magic door to the very best life has to offer.
You've been my shelter in stormy times,
my strength to meet life's challenges,
and an unending source of indescribable pleasure.
We had a great beginning, but the best is yet to come--
beautiful tomorrows filled with even more happiness.
I cross my heart (cross your heart) and promise you
that I will love you forever.
I have perfect faith in us,
and I'm looking forward to continuing
the joyous journey that we've been on together
for (number of years).
May there be many more.

By Joanna Fuchs

Marriage Blessing

Wedding poetry can give advice, as this wedding poem does. It's not a rhyming poem, but more and more people are seeking free verse.

Marriage Blessing

May your marriage always be blessed
with the pure and profoundly loving feelings
drawing you so closely together now:
extraordinary communication,
listening and understanding,
putting yourselves in the other’s place,
as well as expressing your own needs;
eagerness to compromise,
because you love so much, you want to give
whatever is needed, wanted, for happiness;
and deep commitment to do whatever it takes
to maintain the strong bond
present on your wedding day.
May your marriage always be blessed,
now and forever.

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Wedding Prayer or Wedding Blessing

Wedding wishes and wedding messages sometimes have a religious theme. This wedding poem is a wedding prayer. Sometimes it’s called a wedding blessing.

Wedding Prayer
Wedding Blessing

Dear Lord, please bless this man and this woman as they enter into a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together in harmony and happiness. We pray you will bathe them in bliss, the indescribable happiness that comes from finding one’s true soul mate and life partner. We pray you will guide them through life's exciting adventure and lead them to fall in love with each other again and again as time passes.

Not that they won’t ever disagree, Lord; they probably know that already. But we pray you will bless them with an all-encompassing, transcendent love that generates deep respect for each other. Bless them with a willingness, even eagerness to listen to each other, to put the other first, as it says in the Bible in Ephesians. Bless them with a desire to focus on each other’s good points to remember why they are together, and a wish to express affection and praise for each other often.

Dear Lord, please manifest yourself in their marriage. May Your peace that passes all understanding envelop all their joys and pleasures, challenges and fears. Give them confidence in Your constant presence in their lives, that you are always there to love them, lift them up, encourage them, strengthen them. Let this be a marriage where one plus one equals more than two, as You bring them closer to each other and to You, with their love maturing and becoming more satisfying with each passing year.

Bless them as they love each other, help each other, share in each other’s joys and comfort each other when life isn’t as they wish. May they always feel that You have given them more than enough and that their lives are filled to overflowing with Your blessings.

Dear Lord, we pray You will direct them and gently lead them on the path You would have them take, within Your plan and purpose for them, according to Your Holy will.

Dear Lord, bless this man and this woman with unity in their minds, oneness in their bodies, peace and joy in their souls. May they keep each other warm, content, satisfied and peaceful,
with You as their guiding light.

In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen.

By Joanna Fuchs

The above wedding poem is not a rhyming poem, and it’s too long for a greeting card message or saying, so it would probably be read aloud at the wedding.

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What is a Christian? What is Christian faith?
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