Graduation Suggestions
for the Highest and Best

by Vasquez Savage
(Hinton, Oklahoma)

This religious graduation poem advises graduates to always maintain their closeness and obedience to God.

If I may be so bold to suggest
As you begin your exciting new quest
Some things to remember
As you start this great adventure:

This life is a race you are to begin;
Run the race until the end.
Don't ever give up as God commands
Until the prize is in your hands.

The future He has for you is so bright
One of great promise He's made you tonight.
Don't use this great power that He brings
Pursuing small unimportant little things.

Understand there will be many successes;
There will be failures and God still blesses.
Never forget to enjoy the journey;
Running the race can be a taste of His future glory.

There will be many joys along the way
And times when sorrows fill your days.
Don't ever lose the passion lest you fall
To run even when the weariness calls.

Remember there are those who love you
No matter where the journey leads to.
Stand true to what you believe,
No matter what others perceive.

Be as shrewd as a snake and as innocent as a dove;
Always share the Truth, but do it with love.
Patiently endure all of your troubles,
And endure till the end no matter the struggles.


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To Her Parents
On Graduation Day

by Diana Severn
(Hellertown, PA, USA)

"I attached this poem to a box of tissues and gave it to my nieces parents at her graduation," says the author of this terrific, rhyming graduation poem.

Today is the day she graduates;
Your pride is running high.
You’ve watched her grow throughout the years;
The time went flying by.

Diapers, dance shoes, prom gowns, books,
And yet another phase,
A whirlwind of memories that passed so fast,
It leaves you in a daze.

Emotions will be building
As she walks across the stage;
Your baby’s gone, your girl has grown,
Life has turned another page.

As you celebrate this milestone,
With hugs, tears and the roll of a drum,
Remember, it’s not the end, but a beginning,
And the best is yet to come.


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Graduation Meant Moving On to New Adventures!

My high school was a beautiful building, like a brick castle above a big pond where we all skated in the winter. We could actually see orange fish, like giant goldfish, through the ice!

I know that some of my friends felt really sad to leave high school at graduation. That's why some graduation poems are so wistful. At graduation, when the choir sang "We Love the Halls of Ivy...there were many tears, but I just moved on. High school was good, but I made the transition to college, becoming involved with new people, new goals, quests, new adventures.

Graduation from college was also a non-event for me. My parents were over the moon about it, but I just moved on again to the first of more than a dozen jobs over several decades. I was just going with the flow.

I guess graduating from high school means graduating into a more adult phase of life, especially if you get a job and your own place. Even college is different, because your parents are far away and teachers expect more of you than high school teachers did. And it's such a huge place, you could get lost on campus at first!

Graduating from college means finally moving into the real world, where you take care of yourself and find out not everyone loves you like your parents did. And you find out your accomplishments on the job are expected and usually bring no compliments. Thank goodness for performance evaluations so you can finally figure our how well you are doing on the job!

Another form of graduating, I guess, is learning to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in, whether it's of your own choosing or whether it happens to you. Back then, I had it easy, because the country and the world were stable. In these troubled times, everything is different, and being able to adapt to anything (even while you try to make things better) is an important skill.

I guess we are all graduating continually throughout our lives, from school, from parents, to supporting ourselves, to supporting a family, to dealing with a wide variety of life's challenges.

My life has been full of fun, but one of the best times ever was my 50th high school reunion. It was like time travel! So many people looked just like they looked at graduation, except older. At the reunion, all the cliques were gone, and everyone mixed with everyone else. We recalled teachers, students and some hilarious things they did. After you graduate, I highly recommend going to at least one reunion with an open mind and an open heart.

My graduation message would be: Learn to adapt now to anything life throws at you without whining or getting stuck. Just pick yourself up, learn new skills and move on. Oh...and love people. Love everyone, using Jesus as a role model. Good luck and God bless!

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Graduating to
Your Higher Purpose

by Vasquez Savage
(Hinton, Oklahoma)

This Christian graduation poem teaches graduates how to move away from superficial worldly and material temptations by following the Lord to deeper fulfillment.

You will run and not be weary;
Though you may stumble, you will not fall.
Your present struggles are nothing,
Compared to future glories when He calls.

The Lord is good to those who wait;
His strength makes up for our weakness.
Blessed are those who hear and obey;
He will never leave you in your loneliness.

Happy are those who God corrects;
He fulfills the desires of those who fear Him.
Nothing can separate us from His love;
He has power over death or sin.

He holds all things together;
If He is for us, who can oppose us.
He blesses the lowly and gentle.
In Him you should always trust.

He gives life to the penitent;
God always provides for His own.
He rewards self-control;
He'll dry your tears when you are alone.

Don't store up your treasures on Earth.
Live by God's timetable; not you own.
Don't love the praise of men more than God,;
Always walk in the light of His Son

Be clothed with armor of right living
Do everything with love.
Do your good in secret,
Set your mind on things above.

Never lose your longing for God;
For in Him do we live.
In only Him can we move.
In only Him can we exist.


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At 50+ You Did It!
I Knew You Would.
I Knew You Could.

by Mary Graves
(Park Hills, MO.)

(This awesome graduation message for a late-blooming graduate
made Joanna, your webmaster, cry happy tears.)

I watched as you studied hour by hour,
sometimes long into the night and beyond.
I saw you break down in tears from exhaustion.
By the light of the moon, you would read and study with might.
You are one determined woman; yes, you are indeed.

At this time in a woman's life,
you made me feel such pride, and admiration.
You never gave up or gave in.
It is in you to keep on trudging at times, a wondrous win.
Day after day, you perfected your knowledge in so many ways.

You have met your goal, lady.
You are the heroine of your graduation day.

I heard your dreams,
your words of discouragement at times, though few.
Now your dreams, your wishes are coming true for you.
Congratulations, lady so bright.
You can now say, "I did do it, did I not?"

Now is the time for the cap and gown,
something you never had the privilege to wear before,
and a graduation for you is here, so long overdue.
Sweet goals, a new life, you have found.

I hear you say, "I am still not done;
there is so much to keep learning; I must go on."
Believing you will, that is a big OK. with me,

But, my lady, now is the time to bask in pride.
Finally, you had your chance to graduate,
with the cap and gown you wore,
beaming with the brightest light.
It is time for you to celebrate
all the accomplishments you have in your life,
through the good, and lots of strife.

Hang onto that feeling of pride,
and relax a little, gal.
You did it; you did it!
Now breathe a sigh of relief,
and pat yourself on the back,
For all you have stubbornly pursued is now yours,
to keep inside your heart and intellect,
for the rest of your life.

Happy Graduation!
I knew if anyone could finish that so wanted education,
it was going to be you.

To a new life and a new time for you!
You are a college graduate.
Smile, and know that if you can do this,
there will be nothing you cannot do.
The future is yours, in your hands to explore.

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