"The Gospel in Verse"

by Charlie Daniel
(Lawrence, MI, United States)

An account of Jesus' life on earth, in a Christian message.

Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son,
Was born right here on earth,
Conceived of the Holy Spirit,
The Virgin Mary gave Him birth.

His birthplace was a stable
In the town of Bethlehem.
His earthly father Joseph
Watched over both of Them.

The site of His Holy Birth
Was marked by a bright moving star.
Some shepherds came from nearby,
Three kings from the Orient afar.

The kings had brought the Christ child gifts
Of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold,
Then traveled on a different road home,
For in a dream they had been told.

He was destined to a ministry
Filled with miracles and love,
To speak the truth and light the way
To His heavenly kingdom above.

He was baptized in the Jordan
By a man wearing camel hair.
The man was John the Baptizer
Whom God had sent there.

As a Guest at a wedding celebration
Accompanied by some brothers,
He changed water into a good wine
At the urging of His Mother.

He made the lame whole again,
Raised some people from the dead,
Multiplied a little bread and fish
So that multitudes could be fed.

He cleansed many lepers
And gave sight to many blind,
Cured disease and sickness,
Every kind that He would find.

He cast out unclean spirits
From the people they possessed,
Gave speech to mutes, hearing to the deaf,
And freedom to those oppressed.

He walked across the water,
Calmed the wind and sea,
Chastised the Apostles
For how little faith there seemed to be.

He spoke in many parables
And did so wherever He went,
Then explained them to the Apostles
So they knew what was meant.

He said to His disciples,
“Let the little children come to Me,
For if you are to get to Heaven,
Humble like these you must be.”

It was the time to celebrate Passover,
The Jewish feast of unleavened bread.
When the unblemished lambs had eaten,
Their blood marked doorposts and lintels red.

He had eagerly desired the meal
Which He and the Apostles would eat.
He took some water and a towel
And washed the Apostles’ feet.

At supper he blessed the bread and broke it
And then handed it to His brothers,
Saying, “This is My Body. Take and eat of it.
It will be given up for you and all others.”

At supper’s end, he blessed the wine and said,
“This is My Blood. Drink of it, all of you.
It will be shed for the forgiveness of sin
And seal the eternal covenant that’s new.”

After they had sung the hymn,
They went to the garden and He prayed.
A crowd came there to arrest Him.
By Judas He had been betrayed.

He was bound and taken to the Temple,
And there He was quickly tried.
The Pharisees pronounced His guilt
And demanded that He be crucified.

The soldiers scourged Him so severely
But stopped before He was dead.
They spat on Him and struck Him
And put a crown of thorns upon His head.

They placed a cross upon His shoulder,
The one on which He would die.
As he trudged to the hill, he was taunted,
As He dragged the cross on by.

They stripped Him of His garments
And nailed Him to the tree,
Raised Him up between two thieves,
So all the crowd could see.

He called out to His Father
Then exhaled His final breath.
The Son of God in human form
Had met his earthly death.

A soldier’s spear pierced His side
A>nd blood and water spilled,
But not one bone was broken,
And that scripture was fulfilled.

They placed Him in a brand-new tomb
Where no one had been placed before.
They wrapped Him in a burial shroud
And placed a stone against the door.

Mary Magdalene went to the tomb
Very early on the third day.
The risen Christ appeared and spoke to her,
“Go to My Brothers and say,”

“Go to Galilee where often we met,
And there I will come to you.
And you will receive much knowledge
Of the things you are to do.”

“Then I will ascend into Heaven,
And I will send the Advocate to you,
And with flame like tongues of fire
He will be baptized anew.”

“Then I will sit at My Father’s right hand,
And that is where I will stay,
Until I return to earth again
On the great judgement day.”

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